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5 Reasons You Should Travel

Since the start of the 2020 pandemic, international travel has seemed almost a distant memory. We were all told to stay home and only go out for necessities. Many experienced deep feelings of isolation and the sudden changes over lockdown are something we have all had to come to terms with in our own ways. Much of the world is opening up again now and holidays abroad are not a just luxury but a necessity for our mental well-being.

Here are five reasons you should absolutely book that holiday today.

1: Mental Health.

We all go through times when our mental health is not at its best. Getting stuck in a negative routine can lead to deeper long-term issues. Getting away from your day-to-day life, even for a short break, can do wonders for your mental health. Being away, especially in another country, allows you to be present and to live in the moment.

Sometimes we get stuck in our everyday lives and can fall into a psychological autopilot. To help get out of this routine, travelling to another country can bring you out of yourself and quite literally into the world. You experience things you never have, allowing your mind to no longer fixate on the problems you have been facing. Give yourself time away from your routine and yourself. Doing this will help to bring you more happiness and long-term mental well-being.

2: Connection with others.

Not everyone is comfortable travelling alone. Travelling with friends is a great way to experience the world. Be it with one or two people or a group, creating a shared experience with those you know forges deeper bonds of friendship.

Being out in the world and visiting countries you’ve never been to can also be stressful. Hotel bookings, flight times, travel money, insurance. The list can get long, but travelling with a friend can help as you can share the load, allowing you both the time to enjoy the experience even more.

3: Character Building.

Solo travel isn’t for everyone, and it certainly has its pros and cons, but I recommend everyone try it once in their lives. The freedom you get is greater than you would in a group, as you are not catering to anyone else on your trip. Everything you do, you do for you.

For many, experiencing the world on your own can seem far too scary, and it is true you need to be more aware of your situation. Even so, the benefits massively outweigh the risks. Finding your way and being comfortable with only yourself will make you grow as a person. You will discover you are much more capable than you thought, and travelling to a country on your own makes it a much more personal experience, creating stronger memories you’ll hold forever.

4: Broaden your horizons.

One of my favourite things when discovering a new country is trying the local food. The local cuisine can be something that in part defines that country, like Thai food or Italian cuisine is part of the very fabric of those nations. The different smells and unique flavours you experience have a lasting impact on your holiday, just as much as seeing an ancient ruin or even relaxing at the beach.

Travel gives people the opportunity to try things they normally wouldn’t. This can be food or drink or even different clothing. It can be the opportunity you need to do something different with yourself and say yes when you would have otherwise said no.

5: Learning.

The history of the human race isn’t one story. It’s many stories of many countries around the world. Each with a unique and rich history that has made them what they are today.

Travelling the world allows you to discover and learn about societies you have never known. Schools don’t teach you everything. Taking the time on holiday to learn about the place you are visiting can bring it into a new light. Learning about the history, culture, food as well as arts of a country can open your eyes to other people. Travel gives you these opportunities more than you would when in your everyday routine.

With the world finally opening up again, we can reconnect with the world, even for just a couple of weeks, and discover all it has to offer. Visit a city, an ancient town or maybe even a tropical island, solo or with friends. What matters most is getting out there and experiencing life to the full.

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